A Formula for Winners

For Business Owners who are striving for Growth and Joy, Upsurge provides a unique and tested assessment, framework and path for Growth which guarantees positive results


Strategic, management and social impact consulting for your organization's needs.


One-on-one coaching and corporate intellect building to develop a formidable executive presence.

Social Impact

Everything from Business Model to Visibility Management and Impact Evaluation for non-profits.

Empowering Entrepreneurs with excellence

Take your performance to the next level with our coaching services. Our coaching system is structured as a framework of sessions that establish specific goals. Each session also includes exercises that will create a paradigm shift in thinking, thereby opening new perspectives and opportunities for your growth.


It is no secret that COVID 19 has changed the face of the world as we knew it a few months back. Situations we had never imagined to be normal are now beginning to become the “new normal”. This “new normal” is testing the hardiness of every business leader, entrepreneur and seasoned professional and their ability to bounce back, restructure, shift or pivot a large part of their life or work to a virtual environment.

At Upsurge Global we offer consulting and coaching services, to help you advance with compassion during a crisis. Many tools and techniques of professional coaching are scientifically proven to reduce stress, help people build resilience and capacity, retain and develop top talent, get unstuck and move out of fixed patterns or mindsets and bring purpose and meaning to life. Our coaching provides an opportunity to make major life and work changes and navigate this change, seamlessly

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