A Co-Covid World: India’s Innovation Upsurge

Originally published on The Hans India The narrative around COVID-19 in the Indian media has been macabre. Videos of migrant laborers walking home in hoards, testimonies of working-class persons fearing the worst to come, medical professionals pleading for better work conditions — the nation’s news media paints the picture of a dystopia. The question then […]

FCRA Bill 2020: What Will it Mean for India’s Non-profits?

Originally published on The Hans India We live in a world where frugality is a virtue. Spending is superficial, base, immoral even. And nowhere is this association more pronounced than in the non-profit sector. The rules that allow for-profit companies to thrive do not apply to social causes. Rather, a different rule book exists for […]

Why I Started Upsurge

Our founder, Viiveck Verma, writes about his journey spanning decades in the corporate world before starting Upsurge, and what motivated him to start Upsurge Global. After being part of the corporate sector for over 30 years, I realized, I had taken no major risks during the time of my employment, I had not done anything […]