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Testimonials For Our Founder

Viiveck listened to my entire problem without any interruption and also understood the problem which I didn’t know exactly but that problem exists. To figure out whats not spoken is an art in itself.

Without a doubt, it is a beautiful initiative you have taken which is focusing on MSMEs and startups! At this time, we need good companies emerging around us and for that we need resources like you! Thanks for this free consultation, this will surely help me a lot in understanding how should a business be looked and how you can improvise contracts which gives you more power for the graphics created! Thanks again.

Ayushi Sharma
Atul Bajaj

Viiveck understood the problem statement and was able to confirm his understanding of the problem statement; he also asked right questions to understand the context. 

Viiveck had immense knowledge on my subject. I was given guidance on how I should start from scratch and make my business grow. many inputs on how I should start and move ahead. 

Nallini Jolly
Raj Francis 2

Direction to action – a vast majority of consultants wrap up with an analysis, observation and suggestion. However here, I saw a direction for assisted action to move forward, in my particular case to get my first angel investment / big ticket client. For the time and offering, this was perfect for me.