Our founder, Viiveck Verma, writes about his journey spanning decades in the corporate world before starting Upsurge, and what motivated him to start Upsurge Global.

After being part of the corporate sector for over 30 years, I realized, I had taken no major risks during the time of my employment, I had not done anything on my own and most of all I had not searched for my passion. I was 45 at the time.

A chance win at a cooking competition for CEOs was the turning point of my career. I cooked with the same meticulousness that I did my job, even though I wasn’t one to enjoy the process of cooking. During this competition, there were several attempts to distract me. My companion was an 11-year-old boy from an NGO who was a vegetarian and I was cooking chicken. So, I gave him only work which involved using vegetarian ingredients. I never expected to win. I went there for fun and that is what I intended to have. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I was declared the winner.

This surprise win motivated me to go further in the competition for which I had to hone my knife skills. Though I didn’t win at the finals, my dish pleased the judges and they told me that my mise en place (a term used in the hotel F&B industry), was what impressed the judges the most.

I was pleasantly surprised when I was declared the winner at a cooking contest.

That is when I had an epiphany– If I could use all the skills gathered during all my work years, at a cooking competition, then I would be successful even if I stepped out of a comfortable corporate career and ventured into the unknown. This was one of the best times of my life. I explored several facets of my personality that I had never done before and learnt and participated in many new things.

It is this time of my life that brought out the biggest learnings for me because it was during this stint of entrepreneurship, that I experienced my first career failure. I rushed into things and it didn’t work out. I did however realise that this was just a temporary bump in the road. Since I got a taste of the life of an entrepreneur, I wasn’t willing to let this bump, stop me. I rebounded. I came back and this time I took calculated risks. I didn’t rush into anything. I used the same meticulousness I had displayed in the past.

Now I’m back to doing what I am passionate about – which is helping people evolve their lives. I love making a difference and my work at my own firm, lets me do exactly that.

The road was not easy but I am on it now.

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  1. Your story really inspires me sir! We rarely realize our inner virtue, unless the moment really knocks and awakens. I’m glad i had a chance to listen to you and take your advice too. May God give you good health, a lot of happiness and wealth.

  2. Dear Viiveck,

    Very inspiring story. I’m sure at least some of the people in their mid career journey’s, who has urge to do something on their own would definitely resonate with your story.

    All the best with Upsurge


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